Ethan does Fiji

I’ve been in Fiji for just under a month and seen 3 solid swells during this time, two of which were pretty incredible…

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White Horses – Currumbin – As told by Josh Bystrom

As a Gold Coast based surf photographer, trying to stand out in a heavily saturated industry is a difficult thing.…

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Behind The Lens with Josh Bystrom

Introducing our new segment ‘Behind The Lens’ – where we sit down with some of Queensland’s best surfing photographers…

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Swimming With The Everyman

As I sit to write this - sunburned, with bloodshot eyes, and if I smile anymore my bottom lip will crack - I reflect…

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Dream Session

Can you be in Fiji in a week? If so can you book by tomorrow and send me confirmation ASAP? It’s so rare to have…

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Chris Bystrom

All of my photography and achievements (although somewhat minor) can be attributed to my late father, Chris.

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Face to Face

We were on a chartered spearfishing trip with Benthic Ocean Sports in Destin, Florida approximately 40 miles out to…

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Box Rallies

When I was asked by close friend Nathan McNeil to accompany him photographing a car rally across Australia I thought…

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Steph Gilmore – Kirra

I was fortunate enough to get a double spread of Steph Gilmore in Issue #337 of SurfingLife magazine and humbled to get…

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The Australian “And then there were two”

The Australian is arguably Australia’s most established newspaper and I am fortunate enough to have been selected for…

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